Look at what happens in First Grade!

Students are guided to become more independent in their learning and intentionally develop and foster strategies to nurture and support their learning. They have opportunities to explore, investigate, and create in multiple capacities. Students are instructed by a music teacher twice a week where they delight in learning classics to the tunes of the guitar and piano, along with preparing for special programs that take place throughout the year. Twice a month they attend Dustin Sekula Memorial Library for an array of literary activities. They create arts and crafts project to support their learning. They have quite a lot to share about their experiences in First Grade.

During the academic year, students will accomplish the following:


  • Reading fluency
  • Build on phonemic awareness, decoding words, and blending sounds
  • Develop comprehension skills to assist understanding of story components

Grammar and Spelling

  • Write complete sentences with subjects and predicates
  • Use correct punctuation and capitalization
  • Spell words with distinct letter combinations patterns along with high frequency words


  • Write independently about a single topic and provide a few facts or details to support and elaborate on the topic

Saxon Math

  • Learn to use an analog clock to tell time to the minute
  • Recognize and assess coins and their values
  • Solve simple word problems
  • Count beyond one hundred and comprehend place value


  • Implement scientific investigation and reasoning
  • Distinguish between living and nonliving
  • Investigate matter, force, energy, and motion
  • Explore the concepts of earth and space sciences

Social Studies

  • Become cognizant of the significance of citizenship, historical figures, culture, economics, and geography


  • Daily sports skills training and application for a variety of sports

Special Projects

  • In House Science Fair
  • ECISD Science Fair
  • Spelling Bee

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