Look at what happens in Kindergarten!

Students are actively engaged in learning centers throughout their morning routine. They have opportunities to explore, investigate, and create in multiple capacities. Students are instructed by a music teacher twice a week where they delight in learning classics to the tunes of the guitar and piano, along with preparing for special programs that take place throughout the year. Twice a month they attend Dustin Sekula Memorial Library for an array of literary activities. They create arts and crafts project to support their learning. They have quite a lot to share about their experiences in Kindergarten.

During the academic year, students will accomplish the following:


  • Be engaged in dialogue during reading to facilitate comprehension
  • Independently read the weekly readers
  • Identify cause and effect and parts of a story
  • Be routinely exposed to nonfiction selections including biographies

Grammar and Spelling

  • Learn basic sentence structure including punctuation
  • Master spelling of sight words, first and last names, months and days


  • Work on D’Nealian writing as a primer for cursive writing in the subsequent grade levels


  • Recognize numbers and number words for 1-100; count 1-100
  • Count by intervals of 2s, 5s, and 10s
  • Engage in basic addition and subtraction
  • Sort and classify sequence and shapes
  • Create AB, ABB, and ABC pattern sequences


  • Investigate the unique properties of the physical, life, and earth sciences
  • Conduct hands on experiments in order to establish questions, hypotheses, procedures, analyses, and conclusions

Social Studies

  • Learn and practice social skills necessary for interrelating within the classroom
  • Understand their roles in the community
  • Engage in a recycling program throughout the year
  • Identify major holidays in the calendar year
  • Practice calendar skills


  • Daily sports skills training and application for a variety of sports

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