Look at what happens in Second Grade!

Students are guided to become substantially more independent in their learning and intentionally develop and foster strategies to nurture and support their learning. Students often prepare book reports for presentation to the class. They develop significant confidence in public speaking and developing well rounded presentations. Students are instructed by a music teacher twice a week where they delight in learning classics to the tunes of the guitar and piano, along with preparing for special programs that take place throughout the year. Twice a month they attend Dustin Sekula Memorial Library for an array of literary activities. They have quite a lot to share about their experiences in Second Grade.

During the academic year, students will accomplish the following:


  • Apply word analysis for phonemic awareness
  • Understand fluency and learn new vocabulary
  • Apply communication skills and literary elements
  • Develop articulate and confident speaking, listening, thinking, and study skills

Grammar and Spelling

  • Learn how to write complete sentences along with sentence structure and types
  • Learn parts of speech, usage, mechanics, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary along with speaking and listening skills
  • Recognize new words, apply prefixes and suffixes, word ending, plural noun rules, plural compound nouns, signs symbols, possessives, contractions, and recognize often misspelled words


  • Create pieces of writing that focus on the following: well developed sentences, paragraphs, expository forms, friendly letters, different genres, writing process, literary elements and devices to enhance their writing skills


  • Enhance their motor skills, letter formation, even spacing, slant, and neatness in preparation for cursive

Saxon Math

  • Learn the Number Strand, Geometry and Measurement Strands, Data Analysis and Statistics, Patterns, Algebra, and Function Strands


  • Understand that living things grow and change
  • Appreciate the unique habitats for the diverse animal kingdom
  • Learn how space affects the weather
  • Explore matter and energy in motion

Social Studies

  • Understand history, geography, economics, government, citizenship, culture, scientific contributions, technology, and society, present and past


  • Sports and activities that are incorporated into the PE program are: basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, kickball, cup stacking, square dancing, and physical fitness
  • Develop and learn the essential skills and knowledge to play the sport, progressively leading to the sport

Special Projects

  • In House Science Fair
  • ECISD Science Fair
  • Spelling Bee

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