Look at what happens in Upper Elementary ELA!

During the academic year, third through sixth grade students will accomplish their Reading, Grammar, and Spelling objectives through novel based learning.

In an effort to better comprehend the history of humanity, students will read novels based on World War II, the Civil Rights Movement, as well as Expository Nonfiction, Historical Fiction, and Realistic Fiction.

Through reading novels, students will develop skills to better articulate themselves in the written and spoken word. It is the goal of instruction to promote and foster well spoken and well written students so that they may communicate at an exceptional level.

Annually, students participate in an International Book Discussion with their peers from the Oxford School of Reynosa, Mexico. The event is held each March at the Dustin Sekula Library in Edinburg. A novel is selected for the students from both schools to read, discuss, and study. Upon completion of the novel, the students and their teachers come together to partake in themed activities that support the novel. It is a culmination of learning, understanding and building friendships that spans two countries.

Reading will take you places; speaking and writing well will strengthen communication and understanding upon your arrival!

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