Look at what happens in Upper Elementary Science!

Students in third through sixth grades learn about the different disciplines of science through hands-on investigations with the Delta and Foss curricula. Students have Science class each afternoon.

Third and Fourth grade students

  • Learn the steps of the scientific method and apply them to discovering outcomes
  • Investigate magnetism and electricity by discovering the properties of metals that are magnetic; completing parallel circuits and series circuits
  • Explore Earth movements and the components of the layers of the Earth
  • Study the human body and its systems: skeletal and muscular
  • Engage in experiments to assist with understanding the physics of sound
  • Grow an organic vegetable garden and relish the harvest as students taste new vegetables and maintain a healthy garden for optimum growth

Fifth and Sixth grade students

  • Apply the steps of the scientific process to creating a question and a hypothesis, establishing procedures, listing relevant materials, measuring and collecting data, displaying data, analyzing data, and relating the conclusion back to the original hypothesis as supported or refuted
  • Investigate Newton’s Three Laws of Motion through the Physics Science module: Newton’s Toy Box
  • Explore the basis for all life, Deoxyribonucleic acid, amino acids and proteins, organelles and cell structure through the Life Science module: DNA
  • Engage in investigations to support knowledge of the structures and processes of the Earth, such as the rock cycle, mountain building, fault lines, Earthquakes, the Richter scale, and tectonic plates
  • Discover the complexity of the Solar System and its unique qualities that support life on Earth
  • Grow an organic vegetable garden and delight in the harvest as students taste new vegetables and maintain a healthy garden for optimum growth

First through Sixth grade students present a Science project each January. They record their research and dated entries in a logbook. Upon completion of their projects, they display their unique project and its scientific steps on a tri-fold and submit it for in-house judging. During judging, students provide an oral interview, and have their logbooks and tri-folds graded and ranked. The top three projects from each grade level progress to the District level at the Edinburg CISD Science Fair. Our students’ projects are out of this world!

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