Look at what happens in Upper Elementary Social Studies!

Students engage in reading, discussions, and research to better understand history so that they may compare, contrast, and analyze its relevance as it relates to our current affairs locally and globally. Our Social Studies curriculum is Scott-Foresman. Students have Social Studies class each day.

  • Third grade students learn about communities, professions, and the responsibilities of citizenship.
  • Fourth grade students learn about the history and transformation of Texas; from having gained its independence from Mexico and becoming a republic to ultimately joining the Union in 1845 and receiving its statehood in December of 1845.
  • Fifth grade students learn about the early history of the United States of America through the present day. The following concepts are studied: the discovery of the Americas, Native American tribes, trade and commerce, battles, wars, the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the Amendments, Emancipation Proclamation, and the entry of states into statehood.
  • Sixth grade students learn about the history and development of global civilizations so that they may have an appreciation and understanding that what we share as a people far outweighs the differences amongst us.

Special Projects include

  • The dia de los Muertos altars that students build for display at school.
  • An international culinary experience at the end of the year.

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