Marisela Rangel - K3

Mrs. Rangel loves working at St. Matthew’s Episcopal because of the friendly environment. The parents are so caring and willing to volunteer for anything that is needed

Mrs. Rangel insists that her students are the reason her classroom is so special. Each one possesses a desire to learn new things. She treasures their individual personalities. Empowering her students with the correct way of getting along with their classmates is one of the highlights of teaching at a Christian school. She incorporates the components of Christ’s teachings into her daily routine.

She continues to develop professionally by obtaining her 24 hours of Early Childhood training each year.

St. Matthew’s Episcopal has been blessed by Mrs. Rangel’s passion and dedication to her students since 2003

What Her Students are Saying
I like to play and learn in the centers.


I like Show and Tell on Friday.


I like Music.

~Kendall H.

I like to learn Spanish.


Her Favorite Quote
Be nice to one another; sharing is caring!

~Mrs. Rangel