Sonia Mata-Parra - K4

Mrs. Parra loves St. Matthew’s Episcopal because she has learned so much from her fellow teachers and students. She believes that the Christian aspect is very important for the children to grow into productive human beings.

Mrs. Parra feels her classroom is special because of her students. Each child is different and brings something special to the class.

Mrs. Parra earned a BA in History with a minor in Psychology.

St. Matthew’s Episcopal has been blessed to have Mrs. Parra with us since 2012 as a devoted K4 teacher. Prior to her service as our K4 teacher, she accrued five years of experience as a consultant at Creative Educational Institute.

What Her Students are Saying
I’m learning how to do math problems. I like Math!


We learn a lot in our fun Centers!


I like to play outside with Mrs. Parra. I like it when we get to play in the kitchen.

~Diego S.

I like to play with toys in the Learning Centers. I also like to play in the kitchen too.


Her Favorite Quote
A person’s a person no matter how small.

~Dr. Seuss