Ralph Rodriguez - Science and P.E.

Coach loves St. Matthew’s Episcopal because it’s a cozy campus and he is afforded the opportunity to develop a better rapport with the students. Our school is a united campus and it provides a warm and inviting feeling. All students know each other throughout the campus. He especially likes that.

Coach Rodriguez likes to challenge his students to perform at a higher level. He has high expectations for them. While the expectations may be high, he still likes to instill a bit of fun in the learning and add some comedy to his instruction.

Coach Rodriguez earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology with a minor in Biology from UTPA. He brings with him seven years of experience as a P.E. Aide from McAllen ISD.

St. Matthew’s Episcopal has been blessed to have Coach Rodriguez with us for the past three years as a degreed head coach and more recently as our Upper Elementary Science teacher.

What His Students are Saying
Science is fun because Coach makes the experiments really interesting. Our fruit experiment was especially delicious!

~Megan M.

I like Science because we get to do investigations, dissect specimens, and care for animals. After our group finishes with a lab, we get to talk about the results and present them to the class.


We have actual crawfish in the classroom so we can study their lifecycle. We’ll get to pick them up to find out if they’re male or female.


His Favorite Quote
Winners never quit and quitters never win.

~Vince Lombardi