Mario Rodriguez - Social Studies

Mr. Rodriguez loves St. Matthew’s because of its family atmosphere. The children develop bonds with each other which nurtures their self-confidence and maturity. Parents contribute to this sense of a lively school community too.

Mr. Rodriguez provides an enriching environment that supports the value and joy of learning. Bringing history to life is not an easy task, but Mr. Rodriguez possesses the skills necessary to breathe life into his lessons.

Mr. Rodriguez earned a BS degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Spanish.

St. Matthew’s Episcopal has been blessed to have Mr. Rodriguez with us since 2014 as a lively Social Studies teacher. He brings with him 35 years of experience as an Elementary School teacher from Edinburg CISD.

What His Students are Saying
The fun part of Social Studies is that we get to do projects a lot!


Mr. Rodriguez is nice and helps us learn what we don’t know. He inspires us to do great things.


He lets us work together and even on the floor sometimes. We get to have our water bottles with us while we are working too.

~Megan G.

His Favorite Quote
It takes a village to raise a child

~African Proverb