Trinidad Calvillo - Upper Level ELA

Mrs. Calvillo loves the peaceful environment of St. Matthew’s Episcopal. She appreciates the unity between the principal and the staff. She feels that everyone is working toward a purposeful goal, valuing each student in his or her growth and uniqueness.

Mrs. Calvillo brings with her a passion for literature. She has enlightened the students’ repertoire of reading selections by sharing novels of historical and ethical significance with them. Mrs. Calvillo is patient and encouraging as they prosper in her English Language Arts classes. She extends a relevance and insight to her daily lessons that supports our school’s mission as a Christian community.

Mrs. Calvillo earned her BA Degree in English and has initiated her Master’s Degree in Reading. St. Matthew’s Episcopal has been blessed to have Mrs. Calvillo teaching here for four years of her thirty year teaching career.

What Her Students are Saying
Mrs. Calvillo is very nice and is one of my favorite teachers. I love that she teaches in a low voice, makes sure we are learning, and gives us a snack if we don’t have one.


Mrs. Calvillo is really nice. She teaches us how to become better writers.


I like Mrs. Calvillo because she is a very nice teacher and she makes learning a challenge for us. The challenge is fun!


Her Favorite Quote
There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

~Abraham Lincoln