Anastacio Armijo - Upper Math

Mr. Armijo loves the teaching environment of St. Matthew’s Episcopal. He likes to attend worship services every morning with the school community where he asks God for guidance. He appreciates the unity and comradery, not only with his colleagues, but also with his students. He is grateful that he has been given the chance to continue teaching at St. Matthew’s.

Mr. Armijo’s passion for teaching makes his classroom a special learning environment. He extends each student a sincere courtesy and respect that reflects our Christian community well. He is in tune with each student’s feelings and provides them the space and environment to express themselves. He strives to ensure each student feels important and is capable of impacting their classmates in a positive and collaborative way. Mr. Armijo encourages students to share their values with each other.

Mr. Armijo earned his BA Degree in Social Studies and Spanish and his Master’s Degree in Bilingual and Bicultural Education. St. Matthew’s Episcopal has been blessed to have Mr. Armijo teaching here for ten years of his forty year teaching career.

What His Students are Saying
Mr. Armijo gives us another chance to correct our mistakes on tests. This helps us out a lot. Before Easter break, he let us do some fun math activities that were about Easter!


Mr. Armijo takes his time to make sure we are doing our work right so that we don’t hold back.


I’m learning to answer questions about division. The times, addition, and subtraction are easy for me. We even add and subtract fractions. The bottom part stays the same.

~Joe Ben

His Favorite Quote
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

~The Golden Rule