Angela Salazar - Kindergarten

Miss Salazar loves working at St. Matthew’s Episcopal because it is such a warm and welcoming place. There is a strong sense of community.

Miss Salazar states that her students are what make the class special and crazy and fun. She is happy to say that there is never a dull moment and that is how it should be for her Kindergarteners. Each year the students delve into reading with an intensity that will surely form their love for learning as they continue with their academic careers.

She obtained her BA in Communications and her Liberal Arts Master’s Degree in Communications from UTPA.

St. Matthew’s Episcopal has been blessed by Miss Salazar’s commitment to excellence in our Kindergarten program for two years. Prior to her role as our Kindergarten teacher, she served as a Children’s Librarian at the Dustin Sekula Memorial Library.

What Her Students are Saying
My teacher is teaching us a lot of Science, Social Studies, and Cleaning Up.

~Abby Claire

Right now I get to act like a Kindergartner and that’s cool. I’m getting ready to be a first grader.


Even when we’re learning it feels like we’re playing. I love playing!


Her Favorite Quote
Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t laugh

~Maya Angelou