Article One: Purpose

  1. St. Matthew's Episcopal School is an integral part of St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, Edinburg, Hidalgo County, Texas, a non-profit corporation and a member of the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas. The School is founded on Christian principles and desires to achieve the highest academic standards. It has no corporate or independent identification as a legal entity apart from St. Matthew's Church. It achieves its identity, and considers itself a major part of the outreach of the parish, by occupying buildings and facilities common to school and parish, on church property.
  2. However, St. Matthew's School operates independently of the Church, generates its own income and makes its own decisions, subject to the advice and consent of the Vestry of St.Matthew's Church. In matters involving Church and School, the Vestry of St. Matthew's Church acts as final authority, through a process of supportive consultation.
  3. St. Matthew's Episcopal School admits students regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, to all the rights and privileges, programs and activities available to the students of the School. The School does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies or school administered programs. Children are educated in a loving Christian atmosphere so they may understand basic Christian concepts and their individual and corporate relationship with God and one another.

Article Two: Organization

  1. The duly elected Board of Trustees (School Board) of this School is its governing body and has absolute power and responsibility to determine the policies, rules and regulations governing the School, subject to ratification by the Vestry of St. Matthew's Church.
  2. The chief administrative officer of the School is the Principal. The Principal shall serve at the pleasure of the Board of Trustees, and answers only to the Board of Trustees. The Principal is charged with the execution of all School operations, is responsible for the employment of teachers and all other School personnel, and shall make recommendation to the Board concerning such employment. The Principal shall hire, promote, and discharge such School personnel when in her/his opinion such action is appropriate, and shall inform the Board of such decision. The Principal and the President of the School Board shall sign all employment contracts.
  3. The Senior Warden of St. Matthew's Church will have seat and voice as a nonvoting member of the School Board, and the Principal of St. Matthew's School will have seat and voice at Vestry meetings of St. Matthew's Church. Each will communicate the information and support needed to insure a smooth, cooperative relationship.
  4. Day care is after-school care of children enrolled at St. Matthew's Episcopal School. The Day Care Director is responsible for its operation under the direction of the Principal.
  5. There may be an auxiliary organization or parents and others who meet and work under the supervision of the School Principal and Board for the benefit of St. Matthew's Episcopal School. A representative of the auxiliary group will have seat and voice as a non-voting member of the School Board.

Article Three: Board of Trustees

  1. Power and Authority: The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the School, and its determinations and actions are final, save that they are subject to review and ratification by the Vestry of St. Matthew's Church. Only the Board determines school policy, rules and regulations.
  2. Composition: The Board of Trustees shall be composed of six (6) members who shall be elected to the Board as provided herein. The Headmaster shall sit as a member of the Board with voice and vote. In addition, the Principal shall be non-voting member of the Board. Four voting members are necessary to constitute a quorum. If any Trustee is absent for three consecutive meetings without justification, the President of the Board may declare such position vacant. He/she shall then call an election of a new Trustee to serve the remainder of the vacancy. If the new Trustee serves less than one-half of the term, he/she will not be subject to the re-election limitation in Article 3, Section 3. No employee of St. Matthew's School shall sit as a member of the School Board. No member shall sit on another school board simultaneously with St. Matthew's School Board.
  3. Election of Trustees. Elections to the Board shall be held at the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees in April of each year. Two Trustees shall be elected annually by the Board from a list of at least four nominees submitted by a Nominating Committee appointed by the Board. Before election, the President shall insure the willingness of nominees to serve if elected. The Board of Trustees shall be composed of at least three members in good standing from St. Matthew's Church. Other elected members may include committed parents of School students and persons from the immediate community who support St. Matthew's School. Trustees shall be elected for a three-year term, and no Trustee shall serve as a member of the Board until a full year haselapsed following the completion of his/her term of office. The term of those elected by the Board shall begin July 1. All Board members shall vote in elections of Trustees.
  4. Board Meetings: The Board of Trustees shall meet in regular session. The President, or any officer in his/her absence, may call special meetings as required. Robert's Rules of Order shall serve as procedure for all Board meetings. The President of the Board shall chair all meetings and shall not vote, except as otherwise provided, and to break a tie vote. The Vice-President shall serve in the absence of the President.
  5. Officers: The officers of the Board of Trustees are the President, Vice-President and Secretary, each of whom shall serve upon election. They shall be elected annually in July. In the event the President resigns or is unable to serve, the Vice-President becomes President until a new President is elected by the Board, at a special meeting called for the purpose. The Secretary shall keep and maintain minutes of all meetings of the Board, and shall keep such records and transact such correspondence as requested by the Board.
  6. Committees: The President shall appoint various committees as the Board determines necessary.
  7. Audits: The Board of Trustees will insure that the financial records of the School are audited on an annual basis, according to the procedure required by the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas of all parishes and parochial schools. The report of audit shall be submitted to the Diocese of West Texas, and its contents reported to the Vestry through the Principal.

Article Four: Amendments

  1. By-Laws of St. Matthew's Episcopal School shall be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the Board of Trustees at any regular meeting, with advice and consent from the Vestry following such action. Proposed amendments shall have been presented in writing to the Board of Trustees no later than theregular meeting prior to the meeting at which the proposal is to be considered and voted upon. However, the requirements forsubmitting proposed amendments in this manner may be waived at the pleasure of the Board.